The Keto Diet For Seniors

The keto diet has become very well known around the world especially in today’s world because of how fast people tend to lose weight on it. People can even notice a weight lose in the first week which is of course just water weight at first but if you continue to stick with this diet for a few weeks you will actually start to shed actual pounds when you are on this diet. This diet can be good for anyone because the diet allows you to also eat very tasty foods still like cheese, meats and full fat foods. Basically a lot of fats and protein you can eat. Although your carb intake is still be restricted there are many ways to make the things that you enjoy to eat and the things that you crave without wrecking your diet.

Basically what happens when you are on keto is that your body will stop using carbs and glucose for fuel and energy and will start using the fat that is being eaten and the fat that is being stored in your body for fuel instead of carbs. Your body will soon get used to using fats in your body for fuel instead of carbs which is why you start to have such rapid weight lose on this diet. This diet is great if you are a senior and are overweight and you really need to drop a lot of weight quickly or that you want to drop a lot of weight quickly. Even though in the first few days you will probably have a lot of cravings for carbs and sugars these will soon start to go away. You also need to be adding a lot of salt to your food to make sure you are replacing the things that are leaving your body so quickly. Get a 2019 supplement quote and plan at

You are also not allowed to eat any fruits and sugars on this diet unless it as a very low amount. Sugars will make your carb intake for the day go up quiet a bit and and you need to be using the carbs that you are allowed to eat on veggies and things that will fill you up for the day instead of carbs that will not fill you up at all.

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