Enrolling with Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage plans are considered to be a policy which helps the beneficiary to get coverage on those medical expenses not covered by Medicare itself. When payment is concerned for any medical procedure, Medicare tends to pay 80 percent of the charges, while the advantage plans pays rest of the 20% amount. In case, any additional payment is to be met, then the beneficiary has to pay it out from his own pocket.

About Medicare Advantage plans

There are in total twelve Advantage plans available in the market ranging from A-L and offer variety of coverage. As these plans fall within Medigap title, they are called Medigap plans.

Procedure to be followed to enroll with Medicare Advantage plans

  • It is the responsibility of private companies to sell Medigap plans and hence, premium offered is a bit higher. The plans might also be expensive for those who are healthy and will not use their policies much often. But those requiring to visit their doctors and hospitals frequently should go for Medigap policies. They need to list down the services required by them throughout the year and accordingly choose the right Medicare Advantage plans. Also it will be necessary to work out, as to how much medical expenses are covered by Medicare and the amount to be paid as out of pocket expenses.
  • The 12 advantage plans do offer different level types and coverage, not provided originally by Medicare. Therefore, one should check out Medigap plans to offer maximum coverage to the medical expenses incurred by the beneficiary. It is also crucial to know the plan that will provide coverage for the area where the person resides. in specific regions, Medigap plans are not known to provide coverage. Hence, the right plan needs to be selected that can be used at the time of medical emergency. This information can be derived from the state insurance department.
  • As Medicare Advantage plans have been standardized by the federal government in 1992, benefits offered by these plans are not likely to change, irrespective of the provider selected. It is the premium (plan cost) and customer service quality that is likely to differ and nothing else.

Therefore, those who are eligible for Medicare should ensure that they check out in details the different plans and find out what is in offer for them. The right selected plan is sure to provide them peace of mind and happiness.



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