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The ABCs of Medicare Supplement Plans

As it was already explained, Medigap plans help paying some of the costs Original Medicare does not cover, such as coinsurances, copayments and deductibles. Previously, we talked about some characteristics of these plans and the definition of the costs they cover, so in this article we will explain the general coverage of Medigap plans and the benefits that are not covered by them.

What do Medicare Supplement Plans cover?

Although each Aetna Medicare supplement Plan G is different, all of them must cover at least a portion of the following benefits: Medicare Part A coinsurance costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits have run out, Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance or copayment, Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment and the first three pints of blood used in a medical procedure. The four benefits mentioned above are the ones covered in Medigap plan A, which is the most basic Medigap because it only covers those. The rest of the plans may have additional benefits and they will depend on the one you choose.

Regarding Medicare Part A, the rest of Medigap plans may cover: coinsurance for hospital stays, copayment or coinsurance for hospice care and Medicare Part A deductible. The coverage will depend on the plan you choose, but they usually go from 50% to 100%. Regarding Medicare Part B, the rest of Medigap plans may cover: Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance, Medicare Part B deductible and Medicare Part B excess charges, which happens when a health care provider declines to accept Medicare assignment for a particular procedure or visit. The deductible is only covered by Plan C and F, and the excess charges only by Plan F and G. In these cases, the coverage also goes from 50% to 100%,

Besides Medicare Part A and B, Medicare Supplement Plans have other benefits. First we have Skilled Nursing Facilities whose coverage is limited by Medicare and the majority of Medigap plans cover the coinsurance for this type of care, from 50% to 100%. Then we have the cost of the first three pints of blood you get at a hospital, which is covered from 50% to 100%. In case you need more, Original Medicare will start paying the pints after the third one. Some Medigap plans also have foreign travel coverage, which cover emergencies you may have outside of the territory of the U.S. They cover health care services or supplies if the emergency begins during the first 60 days of the trip and they usually pay 80% of the billed charges (up to plan’s limits). This is available in Plans C, D, F, G, M, or N.  Lastly, we have the out-of-pocket limit, which is only covered in Plan K and L. When you reach a certain amount of money in expenses for Medicare-covered, the Medigap plan will cover 100% of Medicare-covered costs for the rest of the year.

     What benefits Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover?

The following services and supplies are not covered by Medicare Supplement Plans:

  • Long-term care (care in a nursing home)
  • Routine vision or dental care
  • Hearing aids
  • Eyeglasses
  • Private-duty nursing

In the past, some Medigap plans covered prescription drugs, but since 2006 Medigap plans are not allowed to do so. As they are not included in Original Medicare, you can get prescription coverage through Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D), but do not get confused, this one is not part of Medigap plans.

Enrolling with Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage plans are considered to be a policy which helps the beneficiary to get coverage on those medical expenses not covered by Medicare itself. When payment is concerned for any medical procedure, Medicare tends to pay 80 percent of the charges, while the advantage plans pays rest of the 20% amount. In case, any additional payment is to be met, then the beneficiary has to pay it out from his own pocket.

About Medicare Advantage plans

There are in total twelve Advantage plans available in the market ranging from A-L and offer variety of coverage. As these plans fall within Medigap title, they are called Medigap plans.

Procedure to be followed to enroll with Medicare Advantage plans

  • It is the responsibility of private companies to sell Medigap plans and hence, premium offered is a bit higher. The plans might also be expensive for those who are healthy and will not use their policies much often. But those requiring to visit their doctors and hospitals frequently should go for Medigap policies. They need to list down the services required by them throughout the year and accordingly choose the right Medicare Advantage plans. Also it will be necessary to work out, as to how much medical expenses are covered by Medicare and the amount to be paid as out of pocket expenses.
  • The 12 advantage plans do offer different level types and coverage, not provided originally by Medicare. Therefore, one should check out Medigap plans to offer maximum coverage to the medical expenses incurred by the beneficiary. It is also crucial to know the plan that will provide coverage for the area where the person resides. in specific regions, Medigap plans are not known to provide coverage. Hence, the right plan needs to be selected that can be used at the time of medical emergency. This information can be derived from the state insurance department.
  • As Medicare Advantage plans have been standardized by the federal government in 1992, benefits offered by these plans are not likely to change, irrespective of the provider selected. It is the premium (plan cost) and customer service quality that is likely to differ and nothing else.

Therefore, those who are eligible for Medicare should ensure that they check out in details the different plans and find out what is in offer for them. The right selected plan is sure to provide them peace of mind and happiness.



Medicare Supplement Policy: Know the Tennessee plan

During retirement, people are faced with some crucial decisions. It is for this reason that PMOCO and State of Tennessee has been working together to come up with effective and affordable Medicare Supplement plans for such people. Once the person retires, he/she is eligible to apply for the Tennessee plan.

Why need the Tennessee Medicare Supplement plans?

This plan has been designed exclusively for retired teachers, local government employees and state employees including their eligible dependents and spouses. It can fill up the coverage gap left by the original Medicare. Those having availed Medicare coverage will need to apply for the Tennessee plan, so as to derive coverage of few expenses which is not borne by Medicare. Those eligible can enroll with this plan. This standard supplemental policy has been designed to fill up Part A and B Medicare coverage.

Types of gaps present with Medicare Part A and B plans

There are some charges that Medicare does not pay and needs to be taken care of by the recipient. They are as follows:

  • There is a deductible to be met every time the person gets hospitalized.
  • Medicare Supplement plans pays hospital charges between 61st & 90th day stay and an increase in amount up to 60 day for lifetime reserve maximum. There is also a deductible for outpatient expenses and doctor bills. The additional 20% of Medicare approved charges is to be paid by the individual.

The person can be held responsible for any kind of amount over Medicare approved charges, especially from those not accepting Medicare assignment. The pocket expenses, even after being covered with Medicare is likely to add fast, thereby causing financial difficulty. Such gaps can be successfully by The Tennessee Medicare Supplement plans. The federal law has approved 10 standard supplemental plans to be offered to eligible candidates in the region. It also provides benefits that are comparable to supplemental plan D.

Who can enroll in this plan?

Any local teaching staff or Tennessee state employee can receive monthly retirement stipend from TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System). They are eligible to avail Medicare Part A policies. Eligible dependents and legally married spouse can also apply. Those who qualify for the program and enroll with it within sixty days of his/her initial eligibility will not be denied coverage due to health or age reasons.

Overall, the Tennessee Medicare Supplement plans can prove to be a savior for those who want to be fully financially protected.

5 Facts About the Medicare Supplement Plan L You Need to Know!

If you have been looking at the Medicare Supplement L as a best choice for you, you might be wondering whether there is something that you might have missed! As there are nine other Medicare supplement plans to choose from, decision doesn´t always come easy. While everyone appreciates the possibility to be able to choose from different types of products, this also means that you need to put some thought into your decision. To make this process easier, we have gathered all the facts that you need to know on the Medicare supplement plan L!

1) The Medicare supplement plan L covers four benefits to a 100%:

  • Hospital coinsurance (part A)
  • Hospital stay days up to 365, after Medicare part A or part B no longer cover
  • Foreign travel
  • Coinsurance for preventive care

2) There are five benefits that are covered by the Medicare supplement plan L, but also include a co-sharing on your part. 75% will be covered by the Medicare supplement plan L, while the rest of the bill you will need to pay out of your own pocket: Get a quote here

  • Three first pints of blood
  • Coinsurance (part B)
  • Hospice coinsurance
  • Coinsurance for skilled nursing facility
  • Deductible (part A)

3) The benefits that the Medicare supplement plan L doesn´t cover at all, are:

  • Deductible (part B)
  • Part B excess charges

The part B deductible is an annual amount of $183. The excess charges vary from health care service to health care service and from one health care provider to the other. Medicare sets a certain price for each health care service and only cover up to this amount. Many health care providers agree to this price and won´t charge you anything above it. This way, you won´t need to pay any excess charges at all. If, however, you go to a health care provider that sets a price above it, you will need to pay the difference from what the Medicare supplement plan won´t cover. Avoiding these excess charges is easy, as all you need to make sure is that your health care provider charges only up to the Medicare limits. To find out, all you will need to do is call your health care provider and ask!

4) The Medicare supplement plan L has an out-of-pocket limit, which applies to the benefits they partially cover. Once you´ve paid $2310 out of your own pocket, the Medicare supplement plan L will start covering for 100% of the benefits that have been mentioned on the second fact!

5) The Medicare supplement plan L and all other available plans offer the same benefits from state to state. If you´re moving from New York to Colorado and you´re already enrolled to the Medicare supplement plan L, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits in your new location. This applies to 47 States of the U.S. There are three states that have their own, individual standardization and these are: Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The Keto Diet For Seniors

The keto diet has become very well known around the world especially in today’s world because of how fast people tend to lose weight on it. People can even notice a weight lose in the first week which is of course just water weight at first but if you continue to stick with this diet for a few weeks you will actually start to shed actual pounds when you are on this diet. This diet can be good for anyone because the diet allows you to also eat very tasty foods still like cheese, meats and full fat foods. Basically a lot of fats and protein you can eat. Although your carb intake is still be restricted there are many ways to make the things that you enjoy to eat and the things that you crave without wrecking your diet.

Basically what happens when you are on keto is that your body will stop using carbs and glucose for fuel and energy and will start using the fat that is being eaten and the fat that is being stored in your body for fuel instead of carbs. Your body will soon get used to using fats in your body for fuel instead of carbs which is why you start to have such rapid weight lose on this diet. This diet is great if you are a senior and are overweight and you really need to drop a lot of weight quickly or that you want to drop a lot of weight quickly. Even though in the first few days you will probably have a lot of cravings for carbs and sugars these will soon start to go away. You also need to be adding a lot of salt to your food to make sure you are replacing the things that are leaving your body so quickly. Get a 2019 supplement quote and plan at

You are also not allowed to eat any fruits and sugars on this diet unless it as a very low amount. Sugars will make your carb intake for the day go up quiet a bit and and you need to be using the carbs that you are allowed to eat on veggies and things that will fill you up for the day instead of carbs that will not fill you up at all.

Invest In The Future Right Now By Investing For Your Retirement

Retirement may just be quite a distance off for you – or perhaps it might be closer than you think. Regardless of how near or far it really is, you’ve definitely got to start out saving for it right now. However, investing in retirement isn’t what it used to be with the rise in living costs and the lack of stability of social security. You should make investments for your retirement, instead of saving for it!

Let us begin by examining that retirement plan provided by the company you are employed in . Not so long ago, these types of insurance policies were quite sensible. However , following the Enron knock over and all that occurred, Americans aren’t as protected in their company pension plan any longer. If you occur to decide to never make an investment in company’s retirement program, you do have other available choices.

First, you are able to invest in stocks and options, bonds, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and mutual funds. There is no need to show to any person that the payoffs on these opportunities are bound to be used for pension. Just merely allow your money develop overtime, and once certain capital reach their very own matureness, once again reinvest most of them and carry on and let your cash increase.

You may also open up a particular Retirement Account (IRA). This IRA’s are very well-known since the money is not taxed until you Take back that funds. You may even have the ability to deduct the amount of money contributed to IRA from the taxation that you just owe.

An IRA could be afforded at most banking institutions. A ROTH IRA is definitely a more recent type of retirement bank account. Using a Roth, you will pay out taxes on that amount of money that you will be investing in your bank account, however when you Take back it, no federal government taxation are supposed to be paid. Roth IRA’s may also be opened up at any financial institution.

An alternative is a well-known type of retirement profile known as the 401(k).401(k’s) are normally provided through employers, nevertheless, you could possibly open a 401(k) by yourself. It is best to consult accountant or financial planner to assist you with that.

Finally, the Keogh plan is yet another kind of IRA that may be worthy for self employed persons. Self-employed small businesses proprietors can also be planning to pursue is (SEP). Which is approximately another spin-off Keogh plan that individuals generally find more easygoing to administer than a standard Keogh policy.

Whatever retirement investment you pick out, just be sure you select one! Again, you should never be based upon company retirement programs ,social security, or perhaps an inheritance which may or may not break through! Pay attention to your financial outlook by investing in it in the present day.

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How to buy the best Medicare Supplement Plans?

There is no doubt about the fact that additional medical costs are always a burden which is not covered in an Original Medicare plan. In such scenario Medicare Supplement Plans will be extremely helpful to fill up that gap. It helps in covering different expenditures like additional cost for purchasing blood, medicines, booking skilled nurses for care and many more.

Why it is required:

There are some of the common benefits that you are going to enjoy when you get such policy. Being federally standardized all the private companies which are providing such Medicare supplement plans are bound to provide you certain benefits. The insured is supposed to pay the monthly payment on Plan B and at the same time premiums.

When you think about the additional cost related to the medical expenditure most of the Medicare policies do not cover the same. So, if you want to bridge that gap this kind of plan is going to help you for sure. However, in case of any couple one policy will not be enough. The couple needs to take separate coverage from the insurance company.

Why it is important to compare:

Now, when you have decided to purchase Medicare Supplement Plans you should know that there are ten separate plan types. Every single plan has some of the common and at the same time unique benefits. Some of such plans being little complex to understand it will be extremely crucial to go through the details of the plan and also consult with the agents so that you can have the best understanding of the same.

So, by comparing the different plans you will be able to understand which will be the most applicable or profitable plan for you. At the same time, you will be able to purchase the plan in the most reasonable price. It will help you to know the plans more thoroughly. You can then use the plans more wisely.

Where to compare:

There are plenty of websites online in which you can find out detailed comparison of different Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. At the same time, you will be able to find out the different policies of the companies. You can compare the price and purchase the policy in the most reasonable price available in the market. However, while comparing you should only use the most trusted websites so that you can get the most reliable result.

One thing can be told for sure that Medicare Supplement Plans can surely help you in crisis situation. So, if you can purchase the most appropriate plan it will be extremely helpful for you to handle all the additional expenditure you need to bear in case of any hospitalization case.

Know about Medicare Supplement Plans and Cancer Treatment Cover

Enrolling in Medicare supplement plans is nerve-wracking for people turning 65. It is very scary to switch to Medicare supplement plans while one is undergoing some serious health condition treatment such as the breast cancer. In fact, patients worry about the conditions pre-existing that may be left uncovered in case they change providers. The Medicare and its network services are not familiar with all and so many do not know how Medicare will offer cover.


The best part with Medicare is that it offers comprehensive coverage for cancer treatments to in and outpatients. On having combination with appropriate supplemental coverage, people find they have to spend little beyond the pocket for cancer services. Here is an insight of the coverage and Medicare benefits:


Part A Hospital Coverage

Part A Medicare actually covers inpatient, skilled nursing, blood transfusions, hospice and few health care services in the hospital. An inpatient stay at the hospital for initial 60 days means the beneficiary owes $1317 as deductible as in 2017.


In case, you stay over 60 days, there will be copay daily to incur. Fortunately, the Medicare supplement plans cover deductibles and copays daily.


Part B Medical Coverage Outpatient

Part B Medicare refers to outpatient medical coverage. It entails doctor visits, x-rays, lab work, durable medical equipment and diagnostic imaging.  It covers chemotherapy, surgeries and radiation. Cancer patients are given second opinion consultation, clinical trials participation and injectable medications as important coverage.


Part B Medicare features annual deductible 80% cost cover, and you pay 20%. However, Medigap coverage offers this cover.


Part D Drug Coverage

Part D offers drug coverage to Medicare insured people. Part D works as a pharmacy card that you can pick prescriptions from retail pharmacy. Thus, it ensures no full price to pay for the medications covered.


Most cancer patient’s medications are under Part B, and Part D. Generally, your medication injected in a clinical setting or doctor’s office, means the medication goes under Part B.


However, the oral chemotherapy medications are under Part D. You may pick the prescription at your local pharmacy and possibilities are it gets covered with Part D plan. Similarly, even the anti-nausea medications come under Part B or Part D. In case, your doctor gives medication within 48 hours of cancer treatment, Part B Medicare Part covers it.



Medicare supplement plans pay after Traditional Medicare pays its allocation. There are 10 standard policies and deductible options.

With Medigap plans, you will be benefitted. There are more than 800,000 providers and most centers for cancer treatment and oncologists agree to traditional Medicare. No need of referrals and you are permitted to see specialists as well at any time.

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Making Your Marriage Fresh during Retirement

You might be in a position to remember that year when the last of your kids relocated out. That 1st year you will be “empty nester” had a large amount of modifications. Yet one result of that is all of sudden getting the house vacant.For many couples this is what continues to be referred to as real second honeymoon vacation.

Find more money for vacation by lowering insurance rates

Since parents no more have to take care of youngsters as actively as before plus they have the great empty home all up to the two of them, the chance is there for a few genuine sizzle back to the old years marriage.

Right now fast forward to the present year and few weeks and you are living in your life as seniors and in retirement living. Now, just after that, there are several brand-new modifications to be gotten comfortable with this new life. Nevertheless guess what? Suddenly you too may see a remarkable drop off in duties and anxieties. Maybe you finally moved out of the working universe and you may sleep late and consider naps or go to sleep early if you would like too. In case you sold your house and joined a senior apartment or perhaps attended living center, every concerns about home upkeep disappear as well.

And this may also be a period for an actual “third honeymoon” to use this brand new way of life to find one another and find out your relationship become fresh and new although you may have been married for many years. So how do you start keeping your relationship fresh in pension?

An initial good stage is to make it a top priority. As you were in your first dating, becoming romantic and finding one another was your reason behind living. That commitment to romance frequently goes away since the cares of job, keeping a house, budget and elevating kids drive everything else from the top priority list.

This is the time for some serious romance. Forgot how you can get this done? Very well Hollywood is far more than pleased to provide you with some recommendations. An ideal activity to do with your partner that is inexpensive is to just start hiring great Superstar romantic comedies to view together. Because you watch the Celebrities of Tinsel City showing how romantic people take action and respond, you may get lots of tips on how to maintain your own marriage fresh with passionate outings and activities.

A whole lot of what makes love exciting is usually surprise. You might not think there exists anything to surprise your partner with but this does not mean you are unable to surprise her or him every now and then with a romantic and entertaining present or unpredicted romantic “Hi”. Imagine he comes back home out of his volunteer job to find you have the whole apartment decked out in candle lights and strands and then you’re outfitted very pretty and also you want to make the evening time exactly about him and everything about you like a couple. Unless of course he is made from stone, he will appreciate that surprise.

Benefits Of Medicare Supplement Plans

Another year is here, this means hundreds of thousands of birthdays. It also means that several senior citizens are finally eligible to buy Medicare Plans. Most people are aware of Medicare, others are already on it. Majority of seniors have heard of are already enrolled to Original Medicare Part A or Part B. However, of these, only a surprising 30% are fully aware of Medicare Supplement Plans and what they are intended for. The result of these is a lot of people covering several of their medical bills out-of-pocket once their specific coverages run out.

An unplanned visit today or a doctor’s appointment tomorrow may leave you stuck with a larger than expected bill. However, this should not be the case. There is a way to get the required medical attention while at the same time keeping yourself from bankruptcy. This comes in the form of Medicare Supplement Plans or simply Medigap. There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans, lettered from A to N.

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Plan A is the core plan and comes with standardized benefits present is all the other plans. However, the other plans are all somewhat unique and have some extra benefits not present in Medigap Plan A. here are some of the core benefits of a Medigap Policy.

Standard Benefits Enjoyed Under Medigap Plans

  1. Original Medicare Restricts the amounts of days you get covered upon hospitalization. Medigap plans offer additional covers and benefits up to a year after your original cover is exhausted.
  2. Medicare Part B comes with a variety of out of pocket costs for both copayments and coinsurance. The Medigap Plans help cover these costs so you don’t have to.
  3. There are procedures that require transfusion of blood. Your Medicare Part A leaves you responsible for the first three pints and then kicks in after. However, Medigap Plans will cover you for the first three before your original Medicare takes over payments.
  4. For patients that require hospice care, Medicare Part A has a coverage restriction on both outpatient drugs and inpatient respite care. However, with Medigap Plans, these costs are covered for you.
  5. There are times when routine hospital visits result in the need for additional testing. Medicare Part B preventative services sometimes fail to cover some of the testings and leave you catering for 20% of the coinsurance. Medigap Plans will take care of the coinsurance for your, reducing your out of pocket costs for medical services.

These are just but the core benefits that Medicare Supplement Plans. Each Medigap Plan from B to N has several other benefits unique to it. This ultimately decides their costs and suitability for an individual. The best thing about Medicare Supplement Plans is that there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have deep or shallow pockets, with the right amount of research, you will always get something that helps you across a certain bridge in your quest for quality medical services. So get yourself a Medigap Policy today and enjoy a worry-free retirement.